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$100,000 -- combined settlement for elderly husband and wife who were involved in an auto accident where the other driver died. Initially the police were unsure as to how the accident occurred and blamed the elderly driver who then had his license suspended. We were able to ascertain information to demonstrate that the other driver was at fault and obtain an excellent recovery for our clients.

$400,000 -- Settlement of a combined workers compensation and third party slip and fall claim. The injured employee underwent several surgeries and it was questionable as to whether she would ever work again. We successfully pursued a claim against the store where the slip and fall occurred and then we were able to have the workers compensation insurer waive their lien, thereby maximizing the amount our client received.

$150,000 -- Settlement of a premise liability claim. Our elderly client sustained a broken hip when she sat on a defective chair in a retail store. The chair flipped over causing the injury.

$150,000 -- Settlement in a slip and fall claim which occurred at a mall. We successfully pursued negligence claim against 3 different defendants for a slip and fall on water. The client eventually required surgery for her injuries and the mall management, janitorial service and attraction owner all contributed to the settlement.

$225,000 -- Settlement of a workers compensation claim in which the employee suffered a disc herniation and underwent fusion of the lumbar spine. The treating physician found the employee permanently and totally disabled.

$400,000 -- Global settlement in a work related fall from a roof. We represented the injured plaintiff in both the workers compensation claim and the negligence claim. Medical bills and lost wages were into the 6 figures and we obtained a settlement with a 95% reduction in the workers compensation lien.

$475,000 -- Mediation settlement of a low back injury sustained in a rear end motor vehicle accident. The defendant argued that the plaintiff's injuries were all pre-existing and not causally related to the accident. The settlement proceeds were placed into a structure allowing the plaintiff a guaranteed monthly income for life.

$265,000-- settlement of a disputed car accident claim against two different defendants. We successfully negotiated a settlement with the driver who crashed into our client's car and also with another defendant who parked his vehicle so carelessly that it impaired the view of the first driver. We were successful in bringing a negligence claim against this defendant and got him to contribute to the overall settlement. We were able to get Medicare to waive their lien. The client is also receiving Social Security benefits.

$275,000 -- settlement to an injured worker in a products liability claim against the manufacturer of an aerial lift. The settlement also involved negligence claims against 2 other defendants for failure to adequately monitor and elimate dangerous conditions on construction sites. We also negotiated down a large workers compensation lien. We were also successful in pursuing a Social Security disability claim and our client is now recieving his monthly checks.

$100,000 -- policy limit offer within 3 months of the accident. Our client was injured while riding as a passenger in a friend's car. The friend drove into a pole and was killed on impact.

$100,000 policy limit offer within 4 months of an accident. Our client was severely injured in this 2 car crash. The other car was driven by a municiapl worker in the course and scope of his employent for the city. That driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel, causing this accident.

$100,000 -- settlement of a serious car accident for the policy limit. The medical bills exceeded the settlement. We were able to negotiate them and all liens to obtain a fair net settlement for our young client who recovered quickly from his injuries.

$360,000 -- combined mediation award and workers compensation settlement. Our client was injured in a work related car accident. We were able to achieve excellent results at the mediation against the auto insurer and then subsequently settle the workers compensation case a year later. The client still has rights to payment of future medical expenses in accordance with the workers compensation statute.

$85,000 -- settlement in a motor vehicle accident for a client who had pre-existing, severe, lifetime disabilities. We convinced the insurance company that the client had additional disabilities caused by the accident. We also counselled her in how to maximize her net recovery without jeopardizing her SSI and Mass Health benefits.

$95,000.00 -- settlement for a mentally challenged adult pedestrian run down by a car. We were able to negotiate down a Medicare lien that exceeded the settlement amount.

$55,000 -- combined arbitration award in a soft tissue whiplash case. The insurance company for the defendant driver paid its policy limit of $20,000 and the client's own auto insurer paid $35,000 in underinsurance money.

$50,000-- quick policy limit settlement of a serious work related motor vehicle accident. The defendant did not have enough insurance coverage to cover the plaintiff's damages. We were able to settle the claim within 5 months and get a good result for our client so as to maximize his future potential workers compensation benefits. The workers compensation insurer waived a lien of well over $100,000 and agreed to continue to pay 100% of the injured employee's future medical expenses.

$175,000-- Workers compensation settlement to an injured employee who suffered bilateral knee fractures and a compression fracture of the cervical spine after falling from an aerial lift. The injured worker was capable of performing light duty work after settlement.

$30,000--settlement of a slip and fall claim on a freshly waxed floor in a grocery store. The client suffered a non-displaced fracture of the wrist with minimal medical expenses. The grocery store argued that there were numerous warnings to all parties and that the floor was not defective.

$80,000.00 -- Structured settlement for a minor child who sustained facial disfigurement as a result of a car accident. The child was in state custody. We worked with 2 guardian ad litems to have the settlement approved in Juvenile Court.

$30,000-- arbitration award for a no contact accident with a hydrocele injury to the testicle and soft tissues injuries to the neck and back. The defense argued that they were not responsible for the plaintiff's injuries because there was no contact between the 2 cars.

$50,000-- policy limit settlement for a disc protrusion suffered in a motor vehicle accident without surgery.

$50,000-- mediation settlement for an aggravation of a preexisting low back injury in a rear end collision. The defendant argued that the plaintiff's low back pain was preexisting and severe and that any aggravation of this prior condition was minimal.

$75,000--settlement of a car accident in which the plaintiff suffered severe ankle injuries. We were able to overcome the defense argument that our client's excessive speed caused the accident.

$100,000-- policy limit settlement for an elderly man who suffered a severe head injury in a car accident.

$1,035,000 -- settlement of a work related car accident. Our client suffered numerous, severe injuries and endured extended stays in hospitals. We negotiated a reduction in the workers compensation lien and the insurer continued to be responsible for medical expenses. The workers compensation claim was subsequently settled.

$55,000-- settlement for a broken leg for a 5 year old boy. We placed the child's proceeds from the settlement into a structured settlement to pay him a total of $86,000 over 13 years.

$50,000 -- settlement for a factory worker diagnosed with a work related exposure to chemicals in the factory. The insurer refused to pay voluntarily and we later successfully proved the causal connection between the factory environment and the illness.

$275,000 -- settlement of a workers compensation claim for a widow whose husband suffered a heart attack while at work. He died 14 months later. We were able to establish the causal relationship between the injury and the heart attack and subsequent death.

$52,000 -- arbitration award for a young woman who suffered neck, jaw and back injuries in a car accident. The other driver argued that our client was speeding at the time of the accident. We were able to prove liability and damages.

$55,000 -- mediation settlement for a very elderly woman. She suffered a neck sprain. The insurer argued that the injuries were all preexisting and caused by old age.

$36,500 -- premises liability claim against a governmental entity where a minor child suffered a wrist fracture and scarring after shelves fell on him.

$175,000 -- mediation settlement for a severe laceration of the plaintiff's lower leg which occurred when he used a power tool that had allegedly been modified by the owner prior to the use by the plaintiff.

$110,000 -- settlement of a knee injury suffered in a slip and fall on a substance in a store.

$50,000 --policy limit settlement for a low back injury suffered in a car accident. The injury was a disc protrusion without surgical intervention.

$75,000 -- settlement of a contested motor vehicle accident. The plaintiff was diagnosed with neck and arm pain which was later determined to be carpal tunnel syndrome. The insurer argued that the carpal tunnel syndrome was related to the plaintiff's employment as a landscaper and not due to the accident. We were able to persuade them and get full value on the claim even though the plaintiff did not undergo surgery.

$52,000 -- arbitration award. The plaintiff was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome after a car accident. The other vehicle cut her off. Defendant argued that because the client was operating her vehicle without a valid drivers license, the accident was her fault. The defendant argued that she was speeding and was inexperienced and inattentive behind the wheel. We successfully argued that the defendant was 100% responsible for the accident.

$110,000 --mediation settlement of a motor vehicle accident. Our client was diagnosed with deQuervain's syndrome. The insurer unsuccessfully argued that this was caused by her participation in athletics.

$60,000 -- motor vehicle accident settlement. Damages included 2 cracked teeth and a lacerated lip.

$110,000 -- motor vehicle accident settlement. Our elderly plaintiff had 5 prior back surgeries and alleged that the car accident caused the need for her 6th surgery. We also successfully reduced the Medicare lien.

$50,000 -- settlement of a workers compensation claim where the client had shoulder surgery. The insurer argued unsuccessfully that because our client did not tell his employer of a prior injury to the same shoulder, he was not entitled to any workers compensation benefits.

$130,000 -- settlement during trial in Superior Court. The client sustained 2 broken ribs and a fractured clavicle which required surgery. He lost very little time from work and was able to return to the same job. The workers compensation insurance company reduced its lien.

$52,000-- settlement in a workers compensation case where our client was partially disabled due to a chemical exposure.

$240,000 -- workers compensation settlement for a 61 year old man who was permanently and totally unable to perform his job. The insurance company had defended this case by saying that the client's disability was all related to pre-existing arthritis. We were able to prove that his disability was related to his injury and he received the proceeds of the settlement plus social security disability benefits.

$31,000 -- retroactive Social Security Disability award for a 45 year old man who proved his dermatitis kept him from performing substantial work.

$65,000 -- workers compensation settlement for a 23 year employee of a company who alleged that all of his back pain was related to degenerative disc disease.

$100,000-- policy limit settlement in a motor vehicle accident. We convinced an arbitrator that the plaintiff's pre-existing, congential Chiari Malformation was aggravated by the injuries sustained in the car accident to such an extent that they became disabling and in need of surgical correction. The arbitrator ordered the insurance company to pay the client the full policy limit of $100,000.

$75,000 -- settlement after mediation of a slip and fall on ice and snow at a public housing unit. The plaintiff slipped and fell on ice in the parking lot. After mediation, we settled this case with both the housing authority for the city and a private contractor that had installed sprinklers in a faulty manner. We were also able to negotiate a health care lien.

$130,000 combined global settlement in a work related car accident. The client underwent surgery, but the insurance company alleged he had a serious pre-existing injury. Despite the lack of property damage and a pre-existing condition, we were able to negotiate settlements of both the workers compensation case, the third party car accident case and a reduction of the statutory workers compensation lien.

$75,000 -- settlement in a soft tissue claim. The injured plaintiff had no surgery and treated exclusively with a chiropractor and physical therapist.

$50,000 -- settlement each for a husband and wife who were involved in a car accident where liabilty was questioned. We thoroughly investigated the claim, including interviewing witnesses and viewing the accident scene. We were able to prove that our client was not at fault in the accident. We obtained the limits of the defendant's insurance and pursued an underinsurance claim successfully.

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    Sample of Verdicts

      $150,000 settlement on a SLIP AND FALL ON ICE AND SNOW. The client underwent surgery for a broken leg after he slipped and fell on the sidewalk outside his home. We recovered pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses for the client.

      $80,000 settlement for a slip and fall at a convenience store on a wet floor. The client sustained several broken bones. The convenience store defended saying that there were "WET FLOOR" posted throughout the area. Despite that the defense, we were able to get the insurance company to pay for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

      $30,000 settlement for an OUT OF STATE DOG BITE CLAIM. We contended that the dog's owner was strictly liable for the injury to the finger and we were able to settle the claim successfully without having to leave Massachusetts.

      $100,000 policy limit settlement for a person injured in an auto accident. During arbitration we successfully argued that the plaintiff's pre-existing, congenital Chiari Malformation was aggravated to such an extent by the injuries sustained in the car accident that they became disabling and in need of surgical correction. The arbitrator agreed and ordered the insurance company to pay the entire amount of its policy.