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Personal Injury Attorney Andrew Silvia
Since being admitted to practice law in Massachusetts in 2007, I have worked the majority of my career with Morgan & Murphy. I have gained significant experience fighting for the injured people of Massachusetts. With trial experience in the Superior and District Courts, I am clearly willing to fight all the way to the end for our clients. I have found; the more difficult the case, the more rewarding the result.

As an associate at Morgan & Murphy, I enjoy using my 2004 Bachelor’s Degree from The Pennsylvania State University and 2007 Juris Doctorate from the Northeastern University School of Law to benefit our clients.

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    Sample of Verdicts

      $150,000 settlement on a SLIP AND FALL ON ICE AND SNOW. The client underwent surgery for a broken leg after he slipped and fell on the sidewalk outside his home. We recovered pain and suffering, lost wages and medical expenses for the client.

      $80,000 settlement for a slip and fall at a convenience store on a wet floor. The client sustained several broken bones. The convenience store defended saying that there were "WET FLOOR" posted throughout the area. Despite that the defense, we were able to get the insurance company to pay for medical expenses and pain and suffering.

      $30,000 settlement for an OUT OF STATE DOG BITE CLAIM. We contended that the dog's owner was strictly liable for the injury to the finger and we were able to settle the claim successfully without having to leave Massachusetts.

      $100,000 policy limit settlement for a person injured in an auto accident. During arbitration we successfully argued that the plaintiff's pre-existing, congenital Chiari Malformation was aggravated to such an extent by the injuries sustained in the car accident that they became disabling and in need of surgical correction. The arbitrator agreed and ordered the insurance company to pay the entire amount of its policy.